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Calculate Shipping Cost

  • kilogram
  • Methods:
    • EMS Express(5-7 days)
    • TNT Express(2-3 days)
    • DHL Express(2-3 days)
    • FedEx Express(2-3 days)
    • UPS Expedited (4-7workdays)
    • UPS Express Saver (3-5workdays)
    • TNT Economic Express(5-7 days)(more than 20KG)
    • FEDEX EXPEDITED(4-5workdays)
    • E-Packet(7-15days)
    • Land transportation(25-35 days Include all Tax,customs clearance etc)
    • Air freight - import taxes prepaid
    • Russia Express(7-15 days Include all Tax,customs clearance etc)
    • Aramex Express(2-5 days)
    • Air Mail(3-4 weeks)
    • Sagawa express(2-4 days)
    • Estafeta Express(7-12 days)
    • Ocean Shipping(1-2 months)No Shipping Cost!

If use express, customer do not need to worry about the custom clearance problem. We cooperate with TNT, DHL,UPS etc., they will help us finish the custom procedures and delivery the goods to your door. So far, the Customs declaration percentage of our Express shipment has reached 100%.